N’Dicka Expected to Resume Playing Relatively Soon

Evan N’Dicka has been discharged from the hospital in Udine and headed back to the Italian capital. He’ll be able to continue his career and perhaps even return to the pitch soon. Roma announced that he experienced acute precordial pain, and that there were atypical alternations in his initial EKG. However, the ensuing cardiological tests came back negative.

The medical situation of the defender is compatible with a thoracic trauma with a minimal left pneumothorax. Therefore, he’s dealing with a lung problem possibly deriving from a collision.

Francesco Fedele, the head physician of the Umberto I hospital in Roma, talked about N’Dicka to Corriere della Sera (via Tuttomercatoweb).

“He luckily didn’t lose consciousness, which means that there wasn’t severe arrhythmia. I don’t know what they saw in the EKG. They alluded to atrial fibrillation. They didn’t need to use the defibrillator. The protocols were perfect, and the intervention timely. The CT scan ruled out a stroke.”

“Some knocks could have led to the pneumothorax. The pain is strong, like a stabbing, and it increases while breathing. The timetable for his return depends on the extent of the problem. However, he didn’t damage his heart, so he will be able to keep playing.”

According to Il Messaggero, N’Dicka will rest for a few days and retake the tests. If the results are positive, he’ll be able to return to practice relatively quickly. On the other hand, there’s not much time to do so this season.

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