New Serie A President Casini Spells Out Top Priorities

The new head of Serie A Lorenzo Casini chaired his first assembly: “Alongside the Football Association, we will activate a task force to work on the reforms. We have to cooperate to bounce back collectively. We will not go far if we keep arguing.”

The executive talked to Sky and other outlets: “The changes will have to go beyond the national team and impact the whole football system, especially how youngsters are brought up. Second teams are a key and urgent topic. We will listen from Juventus, but also Sassuolo, Atalanta and Empoli that have had success in this area.”

Casini singled out the infrastructures as one of the main issues for Serie A: “We are well aware of how old our stadiums are. We did not invest in them, in the energetic transition, and technology. Such aspect needs to improve dramatically. We will be in touch with the government because it is an issue that concerns the whole country.”

The new president is against introducing the playoffs: “They would lower the interest in the regular season. Who follows the NBA knows what I am talking about. I am open to selling a share of the media company to the hedge funds. However, we need to find the right model; otherwise, there could be divisions among the clubs.”

Casini downplayed the concern about introducing the liquidity index to register to Serie A: “We did not discuss it today, but I do not think any team would be in major trouble. We are waiting for a serious proposal from the Federation, and the project will not be astringent. The fiscal benefits for foreigners were not born for football, but it benefitted from then. Abusing them hurts Italians, and a correction could be in the cards.”