No Clear Errors in Juventus-Inter for Head Referee Rocchi

Juventus were fuming following the clash with Inter, but coordinator Gianluca Rocchi does not believe referee Massimiliano Irrati made any glaring mistake. The sequence that led to the lone goal of the game, a penalty kick re-tried by Hakan Calhanoglu, was chaotic but technically correct, Corriere della Sera informs.

The Bianconeri protested in particular for a tackle by Alessandro Bastoni on Denis Zakaria. Irrati whistled a foul right outside the box. Pictures circulating on social media suggested it was on the line. VAR assistant Paolo Silvio Mazzoleni did not rectify the decision because there was not a clear image proving otherwise, the publication informs. In such instances, the officials stick with the decision on the pitch.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Rocchi sided with the referee also on two early calls in Juventus-Inter. Lautaro Martinez and Adrien Rabiot committed risky fouls after getting a yellow card. However, they were not severe enough to warrant a red card. Therefore, the official will not face any form of punishment, differently from other instances.

Massimiliano Allegri received a satirical award from Striscia La Notizia and downplayed the episodes: “Irrati had a good game. Then, the calls could go either way during a match. Losing is part of the sport. We need to forge ahead because the season is not over yet. The top position is almost unreachable for us now. We need to pay attention to Roma and José Mourinho right behind us and gear up for the Coppa Italia semifinal against Fiorentina.”