No Real Talks Between Juventus and Conte at This Stage

Antonio Conte has been heavily attached to a Juventus return at the end of the season, as he alluded to in an interview. While that may happen down the line, the plan has yet to be set in motion. There’s no agreement between the Old Lady and the boss for now, Alfredo Pedullà relays.

The manager indeed wishes to come back to the Bianconeri. He would already have if it were up to him, but it’s not a fait accompli already.

Before paving the way for Conte, Juventus must decide Massimiliano Allegri’s future, which hasn’t occurred yet. It may hinge on how the campaign goes. Since his contract runs out in 2025, he’d have to extend it to stay, as it’s the norm for gaffers.

In addition, if the Old Lady did opt for a coaching change, they might go in a different direction and appoint an up-and-comer. They’d likely hand-pick somebody who has already proven his worth in Serie A, such as Thiago Motta or Raffaele Palladino, for instance.

Our Take on Juventus and Conte

While it may end up occurring, everything feels very premature, especially considering how well they have fared so far. Even if Allegri may not have as many allies as in the past in their new management, he could easily earn his confirmation on the pitch. Moreover, since they have been trying to cut costs in every possible way, a young tactician with low wages is likelier.

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