Onana on Manchester United Move and Farewell to Inter

André Onana had some traveling issues and couldn’t fly to England to complete his transfer to Manchester United on Tuesday, but he’ll do it soon enough. He’ll depart for a €55M fee including add-ons. He talked to La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Inter is like a sentiment and stays with you. I’m eager to start this new enthralling experience with a coach whom I consider a teacher. I’ll move to a great league and club with an enormous history like the Nerazzurri. It’ll be a fresh starter and I’ll give my whole every day to show my new fans who I am. I aim at the Champions League.”

“A part of me is sad because Inter is like a family and not a normal team. I understood that playing for them is a way of living.”

Onana explained the reasons behind the choice to join Manchester United.

“It’s important to be honest and tell the truth. I’m always looking for new challenges. Starring in the Premier League and for a side of this caliber is irresistible. All parties wanted it to happen.”

“I would have been happy if I stayed because I never had any problem with the Nerazzurri. There was a sparkle that’s tough to explain. I wish to thank everybody, especially the fans. I perceived their affection. I’ll always support them from afar. Life is unpredictable; maybe I’ll return one day.”

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