Osimhen Intermediary Comments on His Growth and Future

Andrea D’Amico contributed to brokering the transfer that brought Victor Osimhen to Napoli from Lille. He analyzed the striker’s evolution and sticky contractual situation to Radio Kiss Kiss (via OneFootball).

“I don’t know what his future will be. Generally speaking, considering his importance, the team either needs to agree to an extension or sell him a year early because the risk of losing him for nothing would be too big.”

D’Amico commented on Osimhen finishing eight in the Ballon d’Or ranking.

“It’s a great result. The credit goes to him but also his teammates and Luciano Spalletti, who improved him. He’s a special guy, on top of a great player. Serie A might no longer be the best league in the world as we used to say, but it’s the most difficult one from the tactical standpoint. You can’t do well here if you don’t make the right movements. Moreover, Khvicha Kvaratskhelia valorized him with his assists.”

“Osimhen is one of the best strikers around. The matches against Milan in the Champions League’s quarter-finals would have gone differently if he had been available. Napoli were an incredible orchestra last season. They are strong this year too, and I’m convinced the championship will be beautiful until the end.”

The striker has been allowed to spend some time in Germany and Nigeria to tend to some personal matters and isn’t expected to beat the timetable to return from his injury, Il Mattino reports.

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