Osimhen Returns on the Pitch for First Time since Injury

After 17 days of rest and exercises at home, Victor Osimhen returned to the Napoli training center today. The striker suffered multiple facial fractures on November 21st against Inter colliding with Milan Skriniar in the air. He underwent surgery two days later.

According to Sky Sport, Osimhen took routine check-ups at the beginning of the week. They confirmed that the rehab was proceeding well and with no hiccups. He received the green light to resume training on his own on grass.

It will still be a while before Osimhen is cleared for contact. But he will be able to work on his conditioning in the meantime. The surgeon inserted 6 plates and 18 screws to reduce the fractures. Napoli originally announced a 90-day timetable, although the Nigerian forward will try to beat it.

Spalletti discussed the recovery plan in the presser before facing Leicester: “We will test him daily, and we will see how he will respond. His return will hinge on how his body reacts. Since we know he has a strong character, we are very optimistic that he will be back as soon as possible.”

Napoli will remain depleted for the final game of the Europa League group. Kostas Manolas will be the only addition compared to the previous Serie A tilt. On top of Osimhen and Kalidou Koulibaly, who will be on the shelf for a few weeks, also Lorenzo Insigne and Fabian are out of commission with minor injuries. Spalletti stated that they would have with a 14-man squad.