Napoli Lawyer Details Successful Strategy in Osimhen Appeal

Napoli attorney Mattia Grassani described the team’s approach to get the ban of Viktor Osimhen reduced from two to one match. “The court will let us know which reasons broke through in the next few days. While debating, we insisted on some extenuating elements.” The striker will be available for Saturday’s clash with Juventus.

Grassani talked to Radio Kiss Kiss: “The Venezia player, Daan Heymans, did not suffer any consequence from the incident. The doctors did not need to intervene, and he did not even protest. Moreover, it was not true that the contact happened while the ball was out of play. Referee Gianluca Aureliano had penned that in his initial report. Instead, it was close by. We believe these three aspects were decisive.” 

The situation was similar to one involving Ciro Immobile and Arturo Vidal: “In that instance, the Lazio striker got a one-game ban directly in the first degree of judgment. We could not reach out to Osimhen because he was with his national team. We prepared some questions for Aureliano and wanted the court to hear his answers.”

“President Aurelio De Laurentiis was enthusiastic. He strongly believed in a positive resolution. He would have taken every measure to clarify the position of Osimhen. In the end, the gesture was merely a reaction to being pulled by the Venezia player. It was a pretty complex case. The firm determination of the chairman helped us go through with it. It was not a given that the outcome would be in our favor.”