Outside Factors Could Nudge Mourinho Toward Roma Stay

There has been no negotiation between Roma and José Mourinho to renew his expiring contract so far. Even though a divorce has been often rumored, some elements could keep him on the Giallorossi bench, La Gazzetta dello Sport informs.

The faithful chanted his name at the end of the Udinese win. There’d be no doubt if it were up to the fans, whose support has never wavered in light of his success in Europe.

Instead, the Roma hierarchy isn’t in a rush to make the call on Mourinho and might wait until the end of the season. On the other hand, they risk running out of quality alternatives if they bide too much time.

For instance, Antonio Conte, a strong candidate to take over, is getting progressively closer to a Juventus return. The Giallorossi have earmarked Thiago Motta like a few other top sides. Considering their struggles this season, Milan are thinking about partying ways with Stefano Pioli. They are very keen on the Bologna manager as well.

Napoli and Lazio could also be in the market for a top coach, which adds to the pressure.

Our Take on Roma and Mourinho

They’d have to go with a household name or in a completely different direction if they were to replace him, as his shadow would be extremely cumbersome. While things seem to be moving toward a split, they have to be careful not to spurn him in case they change their mind, as they perhaps should.

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