Florentino Pérez Continues to Push for European Super League

It seems to never end for Florentino Pérez as the Real Madrid president once again held a talk about rebooting the Super League.

Last week Juventus owner Andrea Agnelli met with Steven Zhang of Inter to discuss the breakaway tournament once more. Neither Juventus nor Real Madrid, along with Barcelona, have backed down from it.

“Nadal and Federer have faced each other more than 40 times, my club and Liverpool only 9 times in 67 years. Why deprive the fans of this spectacle?”

Florentino Pérez

While Real Madrid, alongside many of Europe’s elite, play in the Champions League every season, that is still not enough for the likes of Pérez, Laporta and Agnelli.

“Our beloved football in Europe is sick and losing leadership. Young people are less and less interested in our sport, they ask for a quality product that current European competitions do not offer. With all due respect, we believe these competitions must change to offer a quality product throughout the season.”

Florentino Pérez

Real, Barcelona and Juventus were part of a dozen teams that initially announced the Super League last year. In the space of 48 hours, nine of the teams dropped out due to backlash from fans and politicians.

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