Perin and Cuadrado Extend Their Contracts with Juventus

Mattia Perin and Juan Cuadrado are the first two Juventus players on expiring contacts to officially re-up. The Bianconeri announced yesterday that the new deal of the goalkeeper will run through 2025. He reportedly looked for an opportunity to start elsewhere, but he will ultimately stick around as a backup. Instead, the winger renewed for another season.

The player commented: “I am thrilled to continue on the path I am on with this team for a few more years. We will work together to get as many satisfactions as possible, both on a personal level and collectively with the squad, the management, and the fans. We can feel their support.”

The Old Lady reportedly pursued a longer agreement with Cuadrado and to reduce his salary. It appears that they were unable to. His most recent appearance, his 40th seasonal one, automatically activated a clause to add another year.

According to SportMediaset, Perin agreed to lower his wages from €2.5M to €1.2M while prolonging his contract with Juventus. He further elaborated with an Instagram post: “The Bianconeri changed how I see things. They made me more solid, aware, and adult. I have learned how to win and bear the responsibility of wearing these colors. Few clubs are this iconic, organized, and successful.”

“I strongly wanted to get this extension and never had any doubt. Staying here is the best choice I can make at this stage of my career. I have the opportunity to measure up with great champions. Competing at the highest level is what brought me here in the first place. I thank the directors, my teammates, and the fans. Our story together continues.” Perin originally joined Juventus in 2018, but he later returned to Genoa for 18 months. He started in 17 matches with the Old Lady.