Pimenta Dishes on Marcos Leonardo, Thuram, and Pogba

Rafaela Pimenta has commented on a few of her clients that will enliven the January transfer window during an event in Rome. He began by addressing Marcos Leonardo (via MSN).

“That would be a question for the Giallorossi. He’s ready to leave, and his price tag has been determined. There’s no need for long negotiations this time. We have reached an accord with Santos. He had to stay last summer for a litany of reasons. He did everything he could to help the team and will depart now.”

Pimenta also represents Khephren Thuram, who has been linked to Juventus.

“We don’t want to force situations that are working. He would be ready for a top team, but I don’t know if Nice will let him go. He’s a key player to them. We need to assess. It’s still really early. The January window is generally filled with substitutions, but it’s still interesting. There’ll be movement from Brazil since their season ends in December and their players want to transfer to Europe.

The agent invited Inter to conclude the talks to extend Henrikh Mkhitaryan’s contract.

“We’re ready to sign. Not a lot is missing at this point.”

Pimenta also dished on Paul Pogba, who’s still awaiting judgment.

“He’s optimistic and upbeat as usual. He’s a hard worker and is preparing for when the time will come. Juventus have always proven to be a family and welcomed him as much. They have a positive environment.”

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