Pioli Changes His Tune After Odd Post-Derby Remarks

Stefano Pioli refused to apologize to the fans following the large loss in the Derby but slightly walked back his statements in the presser before facing Newcastle United in the UEFA Champions League (via Goal).

“I feel the burden of the defeats in the Derby. If I could, I would give everything I have to change those results. I feel indebted to the fans.”

Pioli dished on the reunion with Sandro Tonali.

“I’ll hug him with great affection. We won together. It’ll be thrilling for him to return to San Siro. We wish him the best from the ensuing game onward.”

“Improving continentally would mean going all the way. We have to take it step by step. Let’s focus on the group, which is very balanced. PSG are the favorites, then there are evenly matched sides that can steal points from each other. Our experience allows us to copes with this with conviction and strength. Tomorrow’s game will be very important already.”

Pioli wants to leave the romp against Inter in the rearview mirror.

“We had a lot of expectations on the Derby, but it went poorly. It was a bitter disappointment. However, there’s the Champions League now, and that could be a fortune. We’re focused and know how paramount it is to start off on the right foot.”

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