Pioli Discusses His Managerial Style in Revealing Chat

Milan gaffer Stefano Pioli had a sitdown with basketball coach Sergio Scariolo, where they conversed about their respective jobs: “The only moment where I can really catch a breather is during the international break. It is impossible to do it with 7 seven games in 20 days. I like to play at night, as we hold the final training session in the morning and I have more time to get prepared.”

“I got used to retreats as a player, but we have never had one with Milan. We only stay together on game-day. I do not think we need it. We prefer the players to get some rest. They are more serene and focused if they stay home. Moreover, they were a time for aggregation in the past, while everybody would be on their own anyway now.”

Pioli weighed in on what it is like to manage champions: “It is not difficult for a coach, but it could be for their teammates. They are elite also on a human and professional level. They are highly competitive and it is not hard to properly channel that. However, it could strain their relationships with other players. It could lead to tense situations. In the end, the intelligence of the people makes the difference. The stars are demanding and raise the bar for everybody else. The problems come when normal persons think they are something more than that.”

Pioli concluded by indicating what he would like to introduce in football: “I would like to have some timeouts. They would allow me to intervene more precisely. And I am in favor of effective playing time. As far as my staff is concerned, I want proposals and ideas from them, but then it is up to me to make the final decision.”