Pioli on Napoli: “No Team is Perfect or Unbeatable”

Milan coach Stefano Pioli discussed their season and the upcoming triple match-up with Napoli at a charity event Wednesday night (via Sky).

“Only a few teams manage to repeat and be competitive in Europe as well. It’s a leap we didn’t make, but this year will still give us the chance to grow, understand many things, and improve to become an even stronger club.”

“Inevitably, I’m studying Napoli since we’ll face them in Serie A soon, which is different from Champions League, but it’s a very important game to us nonetheless. They are surely a quality team, they have great players that are having fantastic performances. But every rival is very competitive in Europe. I would have preferred to avoid an Italian side. Everybody will face some difficulties, but they will also be very motivated to do well.”

Pioli further weighed in on the Partenopei.

“They lost some staples last summer, but they replaced them with equally good players, even though they weren’t as touted. Nobody could have predicted they would have such a high-level campaign. They have had remarkable consistency, strength, and quality, and all the traits of top clubs, but nobody is perfect or unbeatable.”

Milan tend to rise to the occasion in Champions League.

“We perceive its importance. It’s part of the club’s history, then clearly we are trying to write our own chapter. The squad that won it in the past came from different paths and investments, but playing it in San Siro is always spectacular. We are charmed by it, but we also care about Serie A a lot, as that’s the vehicle to live this kind of emotions again in the future.”

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