Player Analysis: Tommaso Pobega Has a Chance to Shine at Spezia

Italy has always been generous when it comes to talented football players. With every start of season, we are overwhelmed with youngsters that are immediately compared to previous icons and superstars. We have all heard things before like “the next Nesta” or “the next Pirlo” putting pressure on these kids who are anxious to prove themselves.

The talent in question today is no different since he comes from Trieste, the hometown of the legendary Cesare, Paolo – and, maybe, in the future, Daniel – Maldini and a graduate from Milan’s youth academy.

At the age of 21, Tommaso Pobega has already become a regular starter in midfield of Serie A’s newly promoted side Spezia, where he is on loan from the Rossoneri. He managed to score on two occasions already, one of those being against Italian champions Juventus.

So how good he really is?

Physical Characteristics:

The right footed central midfielder’s height of 188 cm makes him a dominant force in midfield. However, Pobega still needs to learn how to control his physical strength as he is conceding far more fouls than anyone else in Spezia’s midfield:

Any good midfielder should possess some versatility which is the case for Pobega who can play both as a central and a defensive midfielder. Moreover, he is blessed with a high level of stamina, which allows him to support his teammates both in the attack and the defense phases.

Psychological Traits:

The main mental trait that Tommaso Pobega can boast is his determination. He’s a hard worker that never seems to give up. When in defense, Pobega tracks his player well and sometimes manages to make an interception. When the ball is at his feet, he tries hard not to lose possession.

What makes him more interesting is the element of surprise that he can produce during a game. Pobega’s high focus and opportunistic attitude make him very dangerous as well as suited for Serie A’s newly acquired attacking style of play.

Off-the ball, he struggles to create space for himself. It might take him some time to earn his team mates trust at Spezia. He has the least average number of touches on the ball and that’s because he hasn’t imposed himself yet and due to the playing method of his team. Most balls still go through the more experienced Matteo Ricci. With time and few adjustments in positioning, Pobega can have a bigger impact and contribution to the game.

Technical Characteristics:

It is always admirable to watch players who have great vision. And that’s exactly what young Pobega excels at. Although his pass success rate is mediocre, his lay-off passes can be very dangerous when in counterattack.

When facing Juventus, he showed a glimpse of what he is capable of when he came out of nowhere into space to deliver a nice shot and score a goal that he would remember for a while despite the loss of his team.

In the very next game against Benevento, Pobega again surprised everyone when he decided to show up out of nowhere and to score with a magnificent volley against a helpless Lorenzo Montipò. He didn’t stop there as he stole the ball from Pasquale Schiattarella in midfield and passed it forward leading to Spezia’s second goal.

With this boost of confidence, he will be hoping to visit the opposition half more frequently.

The Future:

Many Milan fans were hoping to have Tommaso Pobega on board this season. However, they will have to wait till the next term hoping that he can make the most out of his loan spell at Spezia – although his side might struggle to remain in the top flight, which can in turn limit his ability to showcase his talent.

Spezia’s coach Vicenzo Italiano would surely love to start the young Italian talent every week to the pleasure off the Aquilotti fans, while Paolo Maldini is most probably satisfied with how things are going so far.

Pobega can clearly become a decent Serie A regular player especially with the serious attitude and effort he is making week after week.

One would wonder where Tommaso Pobega could fit in the current Milan squad. He could surely have been an added value considering the Rossoneri’s participation to European competitions. Playing twice a week in a long season can be a depleting experience for the midfield of any ambitious club. Moreover, Pobega’s characteristics make him a suitable substitute who can take the pitch and galvanize the midfield whenever the team is struggling with energy.

Will he be able to convince Stefano Pioli that he has what it takes to get a spot among the likes of Ismael Bennacer, Franck Kessié and the much promising Sandro Tonali? Should that not happen, and should Milan decide to let him go, Tommaso won’t face any difficulties in finding another suitor.