Pogba Agent Dishes on Their Bond, Injuries, and Future

Paul Pogba appeared just ten times in his return season at Juventus due to multiple physical problems. The club has been occasionally touted to move on from him in the summer, but the midfielder is eager to bounce back and contribute to the Bianconeri’s cause. His agent Rafaela Pimenta talked with Calciomercato.

“We have a very profound relationship. We often argue but then make up immediately. It happens all the time. We can tell the truth to each other, and that’s very important. People tend to always side with footballers, so they get mad when somebody says ‘no’ to them. Our agency does that, even though we risk losing clients.”

Pimenta commented on 2022/2023.

“Pogba has an incredible ability of overcoming difficulties in brilliant fashion. His mental fortitude is remarkable. Each time he gets back up and forges ahead. He needs some time to recover. However, he doesn’t dwell on what happened and focuses on the future.”

The midfielder is under contract until 2026. The agent dismissed any potential exit rumor ahead of the summer.

“He always tells me that he has a lot more to achieve at Juventus.”

Our Take on Pogba

The most recent muscular injury was particularly hurtful because he had shown flashes of his older self in the first leg against Sevilla. He could have been an X-factor down the stretch for the Bianconeri. It’d be tough for him to find suitors, as his wages are hefty. Unless he wishes to move to an exotic destination, which doesn’t seem to be the case, the parties are stuck together.

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