Pogba Breaks His Silence Amid Rampant Speculations

Paul Pogba, who’s serving a lengthy suspension for doping, cleared the air after a controversial and ironic interview did the rounds late last week. He spoke to Sky.

“I’m very happy to perceive the love of the people. I’ve watched France and felt that. I’ve been playing for a while, and hearing the fans chanting my name is pleasing.”

Pogba stated he’s not retiring.

“I still feel like a player. I didn’t make a video saying I would quit and maintain a positive attitude. There’s a chance to fight against what I believe to be an injustice. Let’s see. I’m confident. I never said I was done. It’s only up to me to do that. I’m a footballer and I’m optimistic and I’m practicing and spending a lot of time with my family, which is still nice. I’m not playing, which is what I love, but I’m eager to return on the pitch. That’s my goal, and I feel like a kid who wants to become a professional. I’m doing everything in my power to come back.”

Pogba is technically tied to the Bianconeri, although he’s making minimum wage following the sentence.

“I’m still a Juventus player, so you have to talk with them. I’m under contract but haven’t had the chance to talk with the director or the coach. They’ve been silent. They are probably waiting for the appeal to decide.”

The 31-year-old tested positive for testosterone last October and was handed a four-year ban last February.

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