Pogba Elects to Forgo Surgery Following Knee Injury

Paul Pogba will not have surgery on his right knee to address his meniscus injury. He will follow a five-week rehab plan instead. How he feels after a period of physiotherapy, specific training, and work in the pool will be key to determining whether he’ll be ready to play.

As per Corriere della Sera, the operation is still looming, but the picture will be clearer in three weeks. If everything goes according to plan, he could be back for the match against Salernitana in mid-September. The midfielder visited Bertrand Cottet-Sonnery in Lyon yesterday. He suggested going under the knife but let the player decide on his own.

Pogba had two other options to fix his knee injury. Either remove the meniscus with keyhole surgery, which would have sidelined him for four-to-six weeks but could have caused problems to the joint in the future. Or have it repaired, which would have solved the problem for good but would have kept him on the shelf for three-to-five months.

The star was reluctant about the third route from the get-go since he would have missed the World Cup. That was also the initial advice he received after getting hurt in the United States. In the end, he listened to his personal physiotherapist. The program he has followed so far has eased the pain. Although, it remains to be seen whether that will continue to be the case once he gets back on the pitch.

Our Take on Pogba and His Knee Injury

It’s a highly risky move, which might hinder him for multiple months and eventually force him to have surgery later on, ruining the whole season. But clearly he has the right to make the call.

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