Pogba Files Request for More Tests on Positive Sample

Paul Pogba has formally asked for the counter-analysis by the 72-hour deadline. He won’t take new exams. The lab will re-examine the sample that tested positive for testosterone. It’ll happen in the next five days. The results should come within a week. The only way he could be cleared quickly is if it’s negative. However, that almost never happens, SportMediaset informs.

If the result doesn’t change, NADO, the Italian anti-doping organization, will open an investigation. They’ll question the player, who will have to decide his defensive strategy. The sanctions vary from two to four years, depending on whether the violation was knowingly or voluntarily, but with some caveats.

The harshest punishment could decrease by one/fourth if Pogba admitted to taking a banned substance and didn’t appeal to the national tribunal and the Court of Arbitration for Sport. Still, it’d be a massive roadblock toward continuing his career since he’s 31.

Instead, if he proved that the infraction was inadvertent and agreed to a sort of plea bargain, he could limit the damage to one year. Instead, a lengthy legal battle could potentially clear him if his lawyers played their cards right, but the outcome would be highly uncertain.

Juventus can rescind the contract, which runs until 2026, if Pogba faces discipline for any length of time. His pay has already been suspended. He now makes just the minimum wage: €47k gross annually and €2k net monthly.

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