Pogba Prepares Defense After Massive Penalty Request

The Italian anti-doping prosecutor has asked to ban Paul Pogba for four years, which is the standard since the player decided not to plea bargain or admit his guilt and defend himself in court. His lawyers will look to obtain a substantially lower punishment by arguing he acted in good faith, La Gazzetta dello Sport relays.

The Frenchman will try to prove he had taken the substance unknowingly and that he didn’t want to alter his performance.

In addition, the Pogba camp will point out during the trial that Dhea, the substance he tested positive for, isn’t banned in other countries, unlike Italy. Moreover, it is recognized as a possible contaminant. The infraction reportedly happened due to a supplement suggested by a personal doctor without informing the Juventus staff.

The midfielder has been preventively suspended in mid-September and has been awaiting judgment ever since. His salary was brought down to the base minimum following the result of the appeal test. The next hearing should take place in mid-January. He could appeal to the CAS afterward.

The Bianconeri have so far refused to officially comment on the matter. Massimiliano Allegri stated they’d wait until the sentence. A four-year disqualification would exceed the length of his current contract. Pogba was their highest-paid player, at least in terms of net salary, before the whole ordeal. However, due to multiple injuries, especially a knee one, and this matter, he has played just 161 minutes since coming back to Turin.

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