Rabiot Genuinely Intends to Wait on Juventus Renewal

Adrien Rabiot skirted a question about his expiring Juventus contract in his latest remarks from France, simply stating that the matter would be handled later on, as his mother and agent Veronique affirmed. The midfielder underlined his strong bond with Massimiliano Allegri (via Mediaset).

“I met him before coming here, and he wanted me. However, he left when I signed. There’s been great chemistry since day one once we reunited. I hadn’t played consistently in previous months, was the subject of criticism, and had yet to adapt, but I’ve grown a lot.”

According to Tuttomercatoweb, Rabiot has truly yet to decide whether to stay at Juventus. Who will lead their dugout could be a factor too. Their current coach is contracted till 2025.

The Frenchman would like to play in a team that competes at the highest level. He also wants a starring role and to be recognized as a leader, which he achieved in Turin.

Our Take on Rabiot and Juventus

The Bianconeri have cast financial logic aside on this topic, other than when they had come to terms with Manchester United a year before his expiration date, which would be the norm. The fact that he actually re-upped late in the game was a surprise. His future may as well hinge on whether they’ll stick with Allegri. The gaffer surely won’t commence the next campaign as a lame duck, and that could start a domino.

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