Rabiot Not in Any Hurry to Pen Extension with Juventus

Juventus will have to wait to re-up with Adrien Rabiot, as his mother and agent Veronique is in no rush to do so, even though it runs out on June 30th. She spoke to SportWeek.

“Renewing his contract was my idea last summer. The club disagreed at first, but I obtained an extra year with a substantial pay bump. It was an innovative deal. It’s not the time to discuss his extension yet. We’ll do it at the right moment. In the end, we’ll see what Adrien decides, as always.”

Rabiot stated that he decided to stay to have more certainties ahead of the 2024 European Championship. His mother also looked back at his arrival in 2019.

“Juventus considered him a top choice and had been pursuing us for years. I found their emissaries where I least expected them, outside the stadiums, on the stands… Massimiliano Allegri realy wanted him, and we have a cordial and professional relationship with director Federico Cherubini.”

Rabiot could have moved to Manchester United a couple of years ago.

“They met us to express their interest, but we didn’t go into detail about the money since he quickly decided to stay in Turin. There was never a true negotiation.”

Rabiot didn’t gel with Maurizio Sarri.

“He wasn’t playing regularly, and we contemplated leaving in January. Then things improved with Andrea Pirlo, who helped him, and finally with the return of Allegri, who was the reason why we came to Turin.”

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