Raiola Dishes on Pogba to Juventus, Donnarumma and More

Mino Raiola attended a meeting of the Italian Association Football Agent in Roma today and touched on some pressing transfer market topics. He was asked whether Paul Pogba could really return to Juventus: “Dreaming is free and who does not is dead. I can not prohibit anybody from doing it. Then we will see it will turn into a reality.”

Tuttomercatoweb transcribed his words: “It is still too early. I do not know why but, whenever I speak about Pobga, even the dead wakes up in England. It is better to avoid this topic.”

Raiola commented on the dualism between Gianluigi Donnarumma and Keylor Navas at PSG: “I can not tell if it has become a problem. Everybody knows that it will eventually end positively. It takes patience. It is a new situation for him, but it will be slowly solved through dialog.”

The agent was coy on Matthijs De Ligt’s future: “This is a matter for May, while we are in November now. Whatever I say would mean little.” He minced his words also on Alessio Romagnoli: “The transfer market is conducted later in the season. We will see.”

Raiola concluded by addressing the rumors about Henrikh Mkhitaryan being unhappy at Roma and the purpose of his trip: “You will have to ask Roma about that. I am here for the meeting of the association, not to do some deals. The battle of the agents is more important than everything else. FIFA is targeting us, and we have to defend ourselves. I have never heard their officials say anything intelligent.”