Raiola Slams Milan for Their Role in the Donnarumma Fiasco in San Siro

Mino Raiola did not mince words toward Milan for what happened to Gianluigi Donnarumma in his San Siro return. “I was disgusted by the whistles, and now I wonder why the Rossoneri did not intervene officially. They should have dissociated themselves from the fans’ protests and defended him after the despicable banner on the bridge. The whole situation was shameful and sad.”

“He even received some physical threats. I do not recall him ever murdering anybody. The truth is that Milan did not know how to, or they just could not find a way to keep him. It does not make much of a difference now. The answer would be clear if you asked any father what they would have suggested their son do between going to PSG or staying with the Rossoneri.”

The agent continued in his incendiary remarks to Corriere dello Sport: “Gigio has always given his best to the national team, he contributed to winning the Euro, he was named the best player of the tournament. The same was true during his time with Milan. He stayed loyal to them during the darkest times of the club. He gave his heart, commitment, and professionalism up until the last day, helping them qualify for the Champions League.”

The agent concluded: “I found weird and unacceptable that Milan, which know the truth, did not disavow this unacceptable and unfair behavior by the supporters. The blame does not lie only on one side in certain situations. I am disappointed by them.”