Ranocchia Confirms He’s Retiring Following Monza Exit

Less than 48 hours after leaving Monza, Andrea Ranocchia announced that he was hanging his cleats for good. The former Inter defender motivated his decision on Instagram.

“I know many read the news of my contract termination and wanted an explanation. When I started playing, 30 years ago, I had great passion and it was my favorite thing in the world. I experienced several great moments that I enjoyed a lot. I had the luck of turning my passion into a job and never thought I would reach certain levels when I was a kid.”

“Luckily, I have been able to find coaches that helped me step by step. For instance, Pietro Montanelli, who discovered me and turned me into the player I was until yesterday. I thank all of them. Antonio Conte changed me. He absorbs you and affects the way you think and molds you into a winner. You are no longer the same after working with him.”

Ranocchia stated that he longer has the drive to continue.

“I’ve been going through a rough stretch in the past year and a half. Something started to feel off last season already in terms of motivations. It’s almost as if a flip switched. Monza gave me this great opportunity and I took it. But then I started to realize that I had nothing more to give inside of me. This bad injury would have kept me on the shelf for many months. I reflected and, since the team trusted me, I thought it was fair not to fool anybody. It was an amicable split. I will take some time to think, but I will not get back on the pitch, that’s for sure.”

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