RB Salzburg Defender Welcomes Chatter About Roma Move

Oumar Solet has often been linked to Roma and openly discussed his intention to jump to a bigger team in an interview with Goal.

“I need to take an extra step to grow as a player. Considering my qualities and ambitions, I think it’s the right time to transfer to one of the best leagues and start playing great matches every week. I’m a versatile defender who can adapt to a few roles. I can’t go out on a limb for now, and I don’t know what the future holds. I’m focused on RB Salzburg. My goal is to improve little by little.”

Solet played alongside Roma fullback Rasmus Kristensen in the past.

“He’s a friend and doing great things. I wish him the best. Mourinho can be really helpful to the growth of youngsters. You always want to fight for him, and that’s a great feeling. You can only get better with a coach like him.”

Solet also has ties with Milan players Pierre Kalulu and Noah Okafor.

“I partnered with the former several times in the past. He had a strong start to his career. I hope he recovers from his injury as soon as possible and that he returns to high levels right away.”

“As for the striker, I don’t think he’s disappointing. It was an important transfer for him. The Rossoneri are a top team with elite players. I’m sure he’ll win over the fans too. His playing time will increase over time.”

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