Robin Gosens Discusses Manchester City and Juventus Interest

Robin Gosens has been routinely linked to top teams due to his impressive performances over the past two campaigns. He was been asked about the interest coming in particular from Manchester City and Juventus in an interview with Kicker: “It is a big honor, that goes without saying. When you are pursued by the elite teams in Europe, it is huge and it means that you are on the right track. It is something crazy looking back at my journey.”

The 26-year-old left fullback voiced his admiration for Pep Guardiola: “I look up to him, I think he is one of those coaches that can make players raise the level of their game.” However, he also remined that he is tied to Atalanta: “I am under contract until 2022 and the club has an option to extend it for another year.” He has already tallied 10 goals and 7 assists across all competitions so far and he is well on his way to smash the career numbers he put up last season.

The German international often admitted in the past that he would like to play in Bundesliga and return at Schalke 04, but he will get to play in bigger clubs before that happens. He was also on Inter radar last year. It is believed it will take at least €40M to lure him away from the Bergamaschi this summer. Manchester City have been looking for a starting left-back for some time, while Juventus might move on from Alex Sandro if they receive the right offer.