Roma Midfielder Wijnaldum Opens Up on Emotional Injury

Georginio Wijnaldum got off to an unfortunate start at Roma, as he suffered a shinbone fracture in practice after playing just 12 minutes. The midfielder faces an uncertain timetable and might not be ready for January.

He talked about his recovery to ESPN Netherlands (via DAZN).

“I resumed having fun in Rome. It was a new beginning for me, as they welcomed me with open harms and celebrated me. I wanted to repay all that, but everything vanished in a jiffy.”

“The rehab is going in the right direction. After the injury, I was sad and cried for days. I live like a monk now, but I’m feeling much better. I’m seeing some progress, even though I’m away from my family now. It’s a necessary sacrifice.”

The Dutchman has entered a key stretch to determine his return date.

“At this point, I spend my days either in my apartment or on the pitch. I have to get past this moment and don’t want distraction. The hardest thing to do was to accept I couldn’t play. I couldn’t even walk initially. Anything I did took a long time and the improvements were minimal at first. It didn’t hurt that much right away, and I even tried to get up.”

Wijnaldum discussed the upcoming World Cup.

“I wish I was there, but I made my peace with the fact that I won’t. I was surprised by the fact that I lost my spot since I was playing less at PSG. I’ve some doubts and thoughts, but I’ll have to talk with the coach. In any case, the Netherlands are strong and can do well, even though there are more equipped sides. But the best one doesn’t always win.”

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