Roma Owners to Spend Half a Billion for New Stadium

The Friedkin family, which owns Roma, is putting the finishing touches on the project for the new stadium before its formal unveiling. It will cost no less than €582M, and likely more considering the increasing costs of building materials.

As per La Repubblica, the tycoons will pay €150M out of their own pocket, while the rest will come from multiple long-term mortgages. It will take €336M to construct the arena. €16.7M will be used for public works and €75M for taxes and consultants. They will ask for a 90-year concession on the area.

The Roma governors foresee that the new stadium will repay itself in a few years. They envision it will rake in €69.8M annually, minus €12.2M for its management. According to their business plan, it will generate profits for over €4B in the region.

The arena will have 61.891 seats. The famous Curva Sud of the Stadio Olimpico will be replicated to make the long-time season ticket holders happy. The away section will host €3k supporters. Unlike the previous project, which never came to fruition even though previous owner James Pallotta worked on it for years, there won’t be many ulterior buildings, which will streamline the process.

There will be a new giant park next to it. Plus, a sports center with tennis, padel, basket, and futsal courts and an amphitheater. The parking lot will hold 14k vehicles between cars and bikes. That will be enough for 22k fans, 35 percent of the total. The others will reach it via public transportation. In addition, the new Roma stadium will have a brand-new museum of the history of the club, shops, an e-sport corner, a gourmet restaurant, and 5.5k special seats for VIPs.

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