Roma Touted to Be Headed for an Internal Redde Rationem

José Mourinho and Tiago Pinto don’t see eye to eye on the present and future of the club. The Roma ownership could decide to move forward with just one of the two to avoid lingering tensions. The rumours about the future of the Special One have quieted lately, while the director has been tipped to bolt recently, Il Mattino reports.

The two have had public disagreements about the club’s goals and the competitiveness of the squad. The gaffer dished after the Salernitana game.

“I never set the Champions League qualification as our objective. I don’t want to blow smoke. There are coaches, players, and clubs that participate in just one European final in their entire careers. We are lucky to be able to do it twice in a row. This has been a great season in my mind, and it could become historical.”

Mourinho directly addressed some remarks by Pinto.

“If he talked about Champions League,  that’s his problem. He’s the exec, and I’m the manager. We are friends, but we can have different opinions. Making the top four after spending €7M in the transfer market is unrealistic. Deeming it a miracle would be too little. It would be as if Jesus Christ came to Rome and took a stroll in the Vatican City.”

The coach proceeded to sidestep a question about his potential exit.

Our Take on Mourinho and Pinto

The buzz about the official leaving was a little odd and came out of the blue. If there’s indeed a divide, the governors should definitely pick the Special One, provided they ensure he stays for a few years. The director hasn’t exactly shined in recent windows, although he didn’t have much to work with.

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