Romelu Lukaku Declares: “I Would Fight Until Death for Antonio Conte”

Romelu Lukaku commented on Inter’s scudetto during the Belgian TV show La Tribune, underlining its significance for his career and the work of coach Antonio Conte. “It was about time to celebrate a title with the people, it was nice to go out on the streets and see the fans. I am very happy for every supporter across the world, but also for the squad, the manager, the president, and management. This was the best year of my career. I hope we can open a new winning cycle.”

Lukaku continued: “I feel like I made a mental leap, I thought that at 27, 28 years old, it was now or never for me. You can score 500 goals throughout your career, but it is all meaningless if you do not win anything. I improved a lot in the work with the back to the goal in practice thanks to a machine that sends me balls at high speed, which I have to re-direct towards my teammates. Defenders tended to beat me to the punch, but I am quicker than them now. I play a little like Shaquille O’Neal now. I am very proud for providing ten assists.”

Lukaku also praised his gaffer: “I would fight until death for Conte. I did not manage to join him at Chelsea, but I had always believed I would play for him when I left Manchester United. He told me very directly that I would not be fielded if I did not work hard in training and where I needed to get better. I think it is important to meet people that tell you the truth to ameliorate yourself.”