Ronaldo Discusses Inter, Juventus and Lukaku Return

Ronaldo spoke about his former team and the fray to win the next Scudetto in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Inter, Juventus and Milan are the favorites, but that’s just in alphabetical order. The real frontrunners will emerge at the end of the window. The Nerazzurri could have easily won last year. They brought back Romelu Lukaku, who makes the difference in Italy. The pair with Lautaro Martinez is almost perfect.”

O Fenomeno elaborated on the Belgian star’s return.

“That was simply his wish. He’s a guarantee for Inter. He has to work on his conditioning now. He knows that he has to make amends for leaving and he will carry the team on his back. They probably would’ve been successful last year had he stayed.”

Ronaldo dished on the Paulo Dybala fiasco.

“You can’t always do what you want in football. Everybody has economic limitations, not just Inter. I think their directors are doing just fine. Nobody would say anything about Gleison Bremer going to Juventus if they managed to keep Milan Skriniar.”

The Real Valladolid owner touched on Juventus.

“I knew they couldn’t afford another season like the last one. They are using short-term mentality. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have signed Angel Di Maria and Paul Pogba. You know what you’re getting with them. They can win matches on their own. Dusan Vlahovic is an animal in the box, but he needs help. El Fideo will provide it.”

Ronaldo didn’t forget to mention Milan.

“You can’t discard the team that just won the title. They are on a par with Inter and Juventus. The trio has more separation from the rest of the pack than last season in my mind.”

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