Sacked Juventus Boss Allegri Between New Sabbatical and Adventure Abroad

Two days, that’s how long it took Massimiliano Allegri from hoisting the Coppa Italia trophy to being sacked by Juventus. In the wake of the club’s record-extending 15th cup title, Bianconeri dropped a bombshell when they announced the veteran coach’s dismissal on Friday.

When Allegri left Juventus last time, he took a two-year sabbatical before returning to his old stomping ground in 2021. However, his trophy-laden first stint at the Allianz Stadium has faded into oblivion following a troubled second spell.

Clubs were lining up in a queue to hire Allegri when he left Turin in 2019. From Inter to Real Madrid, the European elite was on its feet, waiting for the Italian manager to pick his destination. In a strange turn of events, he chose Juventus AGAIN!

But it wasn’t a prudent decision as it turned out. Wednesday’s Coppa Italia triumph was Allegri’s saving grace. Otherwise, he would’ve ended his second tenure at Juventus without a trophy. That’s not to mention the club’s best finish in Serie A across the last three years was fourth.

Football is a cruel line of business. Today, you’re on top. Tomorrow, you’re in the backwaters, rejected and forgotten by everyone. That’s how things work in the world’s most popular sport, and Allegri is no exception. 

While he could’ve chosen from a variety of options the last time he severed ties with Juventus, there’s only a handful of scenarios awaiting him this summer. Let’s see how things will go for Allegri from this point on.

Another Sabbatical

Juventus relieved Allegri of his duties a year before the expiry of his contract. It means the 56-year-old can afford to kick back and watch from afar as the European football landscape unfolds in the next 12 months and still reap the benefits of his deal at the Allianz Stadium.

No one would blame him. After all, he had a stressful three years in Turin. However, modern-day football doesn’t forgive sabbaticals. The game evolves rapidly, and being on the sidelines for a year would force Allegri to play catch-up on his return to management. 

Allegri is a man of acquired taste. And he will not accept any offer. Unlike his peers, he has specific standards and adheres to them. Therefore, unless he comes across a promising project, he’s more likely to stay away from the touchline than take up a role that doesn’t meet his expectations.

Foreign Jobs Sitting and Waiting

As Gazzetta dello Sport tried to explain in its latest column, Juventus have torn the final thread that tied Allegri to Serie A. During his storied managerial career, he has never worked outside his homeland. But this could be an opportunity for the Mister to seek refuge in foreign lands. 

Days of being courted by Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Bayern Munich are long gone. High-profile jobs in top European clubs are no longer available, and Allegri would have to settle for less attractive proposals (if they come) if he’s to coach abroad. 

While GdS has a point when saying Allegri’s CV speaks volumes, his underachieving second stint at Juventus has damaged his otherwise sterling reputation to some extent. But if he’s willing to grapple with outsiders, he should have no problems landing a job away from Italy.

Allegri In the Promised Land?

Last summer, Allegri found the strength and character to knock back an insane offer from Saudi Arabia. An unnamed Saudi Pro League club tabled a lucrative three-year contract worth €30 million per season, only to be rebuffed by the former Juventus tactician. 

Allegri would wish he could take that back. Perhaps he can. As we gear up for the new transfer window, the Saudis are poised to launch a new transfer assault on European powerhouses. Despite his recent struggles, the Italian coach falls into this category. 

For a man of Allegri’s stature, a move to the desert could be a step back. Yet, with tempting proposals from top European clubs at a premium, it would make sense if he opts for the Saudi Pro League as a short-term escape from a harsh reality.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. 

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