Samardzic Agent Talks Inter Fiasco and Juventus Buzz

Lazar Samardzic will remain a hot commodity in January following his botched transfer to Inter last summer. His representative Karsten Rickart spoke with Sportitalia.

“He has always been a professional. He was obviously disappointed about what happened; who wouldn’t? However, it didn’t affect him afterward. He’s only 21, so it won’t be his last chance. Everything is in the past at this point. He dived back into the thick of things at Udinese and proved his worth once again. A year as a starter in Friuli will surely be useful to his career.”

Juventus are tracking Samardzic now.

“We have been right in not commenting on the rumors so far. They are surely a great club with a rich history, but that’s the case for other teams too. His contract runs until 2026. It’s important to understand where he could grow better and what decisions could be the most advantageous to him. Udinese are that place at the moment.”

Samardzic isn’t chomping at the bit to join a big club.

“He’s happy where he is. He’s ready for the next step, but we are in no rush. He’s still one of the most interesting players in Serie A. If something that could benefit all parties emerges, we’ll surely discuss it. The Euro will be a stepping stone for him and his family. Taking part in a major tournament has always been his dream. That’s why he decided to represent Serbia.”

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