Sarri Belittles Serie A, Laments Lack of Sanctions against Inter Players

Maurizio Sarri continued his campaign against Serie A and the schedule in the presser before the Olympique Marseille game. The coach was dissatisfied with the League’s handling of last week’s brawl: “I was suspended for two games for pointing my finger at somebody and telling him not to tease me. The Inter players put their hands on Felipe Anderson and kicked him. And nobody faced any discipline. At this point, I have to think that my finger is extremely dangerous.”

Sarri continued: “With this calendar, it is almost impossible to play in Europe. This goes for seven teams, which will have a very short turnaround in 17 fixtures. I see that those in charge always reply to me differently from other coaches. President Paolo Dal Pino stated it happens in Premier League too, but I would not go into that. Their directors brought in €5B for the TV rights, ours less than €1B. They have the resources to build quality rosters there. I could have changed ten players at Chelsea, even though we were in Europa League. They are no match for Serie A now. They are on a different planet. It is like comparing the NBA with the Italian basketball championship.”

Sarri sees some differences also as far as the referees are concerned: “They are inferior in England. Ours are good-looking, well-built, and run a lot, but the attitude is different. There is more confidentiality abroad. Plus, the media do not talk about that stuff. Instead, there are always major discussions and controversies here.”