Sassuolo CEO Dishes on Berardi to Juventus and Mourinho

Domenico Berardi gets routinely linked with a move to Juventus, but Sassuolo exec Giovanni Carnevali stated that the two clubs weren’t currently discussing anybody. He spoke to Tuttomercatoweb.

“January? Absolutely no. Not even Berardi, the only player they pursued last summer. There’s nothing going on at the moment.”

Carnevali addressed the latest controversy stirred up by José Mourinho.

“I think we shouldn’t even answer to certain provocations. Nobody knows Berardi better than we do. He’s a serious professional. I would have never dared to disparage other sides. He’s a champion on and off the pitch. We’ll try to hold onto him as long as possible. A coach should never speak about certain topics. Maybe he doesn’t fully know him. In terms of fair play, others have a lot to learn from us.”

Carnevali was quizzed about doing some business with Inter.

“It’s too early to talk about the transfer market. There haven’t been requests or proposals for now. Everything is premature.”

Our Take on Juventus and Berardi

One has to wonder who’s constantly spreading the rumors since the acquisition would make very little sense economically, due to his price tag relative to his age, and tactically, as they already have trouble fitting one winger in their 3-5-2, Federico Chiesa. It doesn’t look like Massimiliano Allegri is in any hurry to change a system that’s been working well. The Bianconeri would go young if they were to make some additions, which is far from certain to begin with.

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