Sassuolo Striker to Prioritize Playing Time in Next Move

Gianluca Scamacca is poised stay put in January unless somebody blows Sassuolo away with a massive offer, which is unlikely. Most of the biggest Italian sides are eyeing him for the future. The striker does not have a clear preference, but he wants to have a major role in his next team, La Gazzetta dello Sport reports.

Juventus, Inter, Milan and Fiorentina have all pursued him at some point in the past calendar year. They remain after him. His destiny could very well be tied to Dusan Vlahovic, who will depart the Viola, probably in June and not in the next window. They see the Sassuolo forward as an ideal replacement and would have large resources to spend. But they are not the lone contenders.

The Bianconeri have identified the Serbian star as their main target. However, the competition from Premier League sides is fierce and wealthy. Scamacca would be a less expensive fallback plan. They have orchestrated multiple deals with Sassuolo over the years. Inter are looking for somebody to pair up with Edin Dzeko and eventually take over from him. Milan are currently relying on two aging center-forwards.

The 22-year-old would like to stay in Italy and wishes to get the chance of being the main no.9 of a top club. Whoever promises him that would have the inside track in acquiring him. Sassuolo asked for €25M to the suitors to sell him last summer. However, his price tag has gone up to at least €40M now, the newspaper adds.