Scaroni Elaborates on New Milan MO Without Maldini

Milan shocked their fans by firing directors Paolo Maldini and Frederic Massara. President Paolo Scaroni explained the reasons behind the choice and how the club would operate to Corriere della Sera.

“We have always had an excellent relationship with him. He’s a gentleman, he cares deeply about this side, and he did well. However, we have an innovative and more collegial model. We’ll work as a team in every area. Our majority shareholder insists on it. He’s a specialist and has been very successful. We sensed Paolo was uncomfortable in this type of organization. It’s better to part ways when that’s the case. I too had to relinquish my autonomy on the stadium.”

Scaroni stated that the changes wouldn’t alter their ambitions.

“Everybody wishes to keep growing. We have climbed two mountains: repairing the finances and achieving sporting results. It’s a virtuous cycle: bigger earnings lead to more investments in the transfer market, and more success increases the revenue. We shouldn’t forget that we spent more than several other Italian outfits in the last four years. The owners always allowed us to build a strong squad, and that will continue.”

Scaroni revealed who would handle the negotiations.

“It will be up to a group that integrates different competencies. CEO Giorgio Furlani will coordinate the sports area too, along with professionals like Geoffrey Moncada and Stefano Pioli. We expect the coach to have a say in the decisions. In addition, RedBird’s international experts will contribute. They like to analyze players scientifically. There won’t be additions to the management for now. I think Zlatan Ibrahimovic will take a sabbatical. Then, if he had different ideas, we’d be the first to hear them.”

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