Serie A Reverse Course on Transfers from Ukraine and Russia

Serie A teams will not sign players from Ukraine and Russia after all. The Italian Football Association had quickly adopted FIFA’s special ruling on such moves given the extraordinary circumstances. On the other hand, the League, which is a separate entity, blocked them through a gentlemen’s agreement yesterday, Calcio e Finanza reports.

The main reason behind the decision is to avoid altering the integrity of the competition. The transfer market would not normally be open at this point of the season. In addition, not all sides could have exploited the situation. A few of them have already filled their non-EU quota or do not have available spots on their lists. It would have constituted a competitive disadvantage in the presidents’ minds.

Serie A is not alone on that front, as Premier League and Bundesliga clubs will not bring in footballers from Ukraine and Russia either. The choice drew a significant amount of criticism, The Times informs. Instead, La Liga will go through with it, alongside a few other countries. FIFA clarified the provision yesterday, saying that teams can sign at most two players with temporary contracts running through June 30th.

The rumors about Italian outfits pursuing these transfers had not gained much steam. Atalanta quickly shot down the idea of going after Shakhtar Donetsk’s Fernando to make up for their offensive absences. Juventus were linked to his teammates Marcos Antonio. The midfielder is on the verge of going to Flamengo on loan with option to buy, Ukrainian site relays.