Serie A Round 26 from A to Z

Feature Photo: Getty Images

A for acquaintances, Conte and Mourinho, yesterday shouting ‘war & insults’, today shaking hands…In other words, the art of claiming to have moral standards. #Hypocrisy!

B for blizzard at the Allianz Stadium…Bianconeri get white! Their black was temporally cancelled by the weather conditions. Freezing cold and match postponed. #JuventusAtalanta
This is how the Allianz Stadium looked on Sunday. Having realized that due to weather conditions it was impossible for Juventus-Atalanta to be played, captains Rafael Toloi and Gianluigi Buffon posed together for a picture… (Photo: Lapresse)

C for crisis away for Inter and Lazio? Let’s wait a couple more matches to say it, tough games are coming for both!

D for Destro, a goal and assist to Faletti for Inter-grown striker. Bologna-Genoa 2-0, an easy one for Bologna.

E for extraordinary moment for Milan. “Ringhio” Gattuso urges to maintain a low profile, but the Rossoneri dream of the big Europe #UCL

F for football, our religion. As many religions, Football has followers who gather in their worship place – the “Stadium,” on a specific day. That day should not be a Monday! That day is a Saturday or a Sunday!

G for giants, because Juventus and Napoli are showing to be of a different level than any other Serie A team. Projections are setting the Championship point quota at 101. Scary!

H for header, and goals by Skriniar and Ranocchia. Inter bring to 12 their goals scored with the head. What a resource!  #InterBenevento 2-0

I for Italy interim coach Luigi Di Biagio, calling Buffon: “I asked him to play 2-3 more games,” Di Biagio said. Will Juventus goalkeeper prolong his Italy career?

J for Judgment Day will come! Please, let the VAsR make their mistakes in peace. Terrible! #InterBenevento

K for Kolarov and Gattuso, first the fight, then the hugs. Sweethearts!
A nice “siparietto” between Aleksander Kolarov and Gennaro Gattuso. After a short quarrel – during which “I’m gonna kick your a**” was the softest exchange of words – they ended up hugging each other (Photo: Pietro Bertea)

L for Cagliari coach Lopez: you tried to motivate your players, but against some teams it is just not possible to play. #CagliariNapoli 0-5

M for magical “Sarrismo,” as Napoli took a stroll in the park in Cagliari. Hamsik and his teammates gave us some insane moments of pure football. Napoli’s third goal was like the Sistine Chapel, 17 touches and all 11 players touching the ball. Perfection!

N for Neymar, who will be two months out. Good luck genius! Get better soon!

O for open and wide! SPAL win in Crotone, making the relegation battle still long and challenging. Exciting! #CrotoneSpal 2-3 #RelegationBattle

P for perfectionism, a synonymous for Milinkovic-Savic. A wonderful goal, a beautiful trajectory and 70 millions are just too few to get his services, Lazio sporting director Igli Tare said.  #SassuoloLazio

Q for teams queuing for Reina, Zielinski, Pellegrini, Milinkovic-Savic, De Vrij, and Brignola. They want them in the Premier League and in La Liga. The transfer window is always open!

R for Respect, a UEFA slogan unknown to some supporters in Bergamo. Atalanta shined on the pitch, but Europe is something more! No to Racism!  #Batshuayi #Dortmund

S for slaps, received by a Genoa playing without anger and desire to win. Inconsistent. #BolognaGenoa

T for first test & stage called by coach Gigi Di Biagio: the future of the Italy Squad is happening now.
Youth Team coach Luigi Di Biagio will be in charge of the Azzurri for the upcoming friendly matches with Argentina and England (Photo: Getty Images)

U for u-turn for Mazzarri, second defeat in a row for the Granata, who switched from a positive run into a negative one. Unexpected. #HellasTorino

V for Valoti, a double for him, and Hellas Verona didn’t miss their chance to reduce the gap from Crotone – now only two points ahead. #RelegationBattle

W for winning mentality. Despite facing an uncertain injury, Bernardeschi declared: “I want to win the championship and the Champions League.”

X for “X“, as you call a draw in Italy – with the most boring first half in the history of football, the one between Bologna and Genoa. Fortunately, after the break, the home team came back on the pitch with a different mentality, and gave their supporters the joy of victory.

Y for yes, Benevento, this is the right path! Even though De Zerbi’s players didn’t bring home the full plate, they showed they deserved to win. The miracle can still happen!  #InterBenevento 2-0

Z for Zapata is back with a coast to coast goal, finalized with a magical volley. Spectacular! …and the Bluecerchiati can keep breathing Europe air! #SampdoriaUdinese
Sampdoria’s Duvan Zapata concluded an unstoppable 60m run with a wonderful lob shot that gave his side three points against Udinese. By far the best goal of the weekend…