Serie A Round 30: Top 5 Goals

Our weekly selection of the Top Serie A goals inevitably picked a few samples from the goalfest in the Stadio Olimpico between Lazio and Benevento. However, even the big match Juventus-Milan feature some excellent scoring to be featured in our gallery. And while SPAL proved to be stronger that unfavorable refereeing decisions – and did it with some showmanship of bel gioco – the prize for the best goal of the week lands in Milano, and in the capable hands of Ivan Perisic.

5) Lucas Leiva in Lazio-Benevento 6-2 (5-2)
Here’s the situation: Lazio are fighting for a place in Champions League, while Benevento are playing with one men less, and struggling to save their honor. A corner kick, the ball outside the area, and Lucas Leiva’s right foot are the perfect ingredients to remove those spiderwebs from the top corner of the Giallorossi‘s goal. A euro-goal that looks so easy!

4) Danilo Cataldi in Lazio-Benevento 6-2 (1-1)
…still, the match looked like a potentially balanced one in the beginning. Look at this beautiful bend free kick by Danilo Cataldi, which temporarily put the Streghe on 1-1. A former Lazio player, Cataldi begged his former supporters’ pardon, but his feat surely reminded them why he used to play for the Biancocelesti in the first place…

3) Paulo Dybala in Juventus-Milan 3-1 (1-0)
…and did you see La Joya Paulo Dybala’s shot from 20 meters? Such precision! Gigio Donnarumma could only collect the ball from his goal. Superb! And while Argentina coach Jorge Sanpaoli keeps criticizing him, Dybala answers back with such goals, to prove the world how wrong he is. Can you seriously leave this player at home? No Dybala, No Russia!

2) Manuel Lazzari in Genoa-SPAL 1-1 (1-1)
In a match where the stage was stolen by referee Paolo Giacomelli and his controversial VAR decision, SPAL showed some attributes and shouted “No!” to injustice! With a lightning fast counterattack, Pasquale Schiattarella found Manuel Lazzari with a beautiful penetrative pass: His shot from the right side of the box hit the post, then went in to wrap a spectacular goal, and a well-deserved point for the visitors!

1) Ivan Perisic in Inter-Verona 3-0 (2-0)
Inter is back, and so is Ivan Perisic! Luciano Spalletti’s players seem to have found their long-lost shape, and their second goal against Verona is a perfect example of that. Marcelo Brozovic crosses from behind the midfield line, Perisic controls the ball with his chest, enters the area and delivers a perfect shot that kisses the post before ending its run into Nicolas’ goal. Beautiful play, and welcome back Perisic!


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