Serie A Saturday Quiz: A Scudetto Patch on a Reddish Jersey

The Cult of Calcio’s Saturday Morning Quiz is back and today we invite you to guess a mysterious team that had just reached a remarkable achievement at the time the picture below was taken:

What do you guys think?

There are quite a few Serie A clubs whose outfit colors include some shade of red (vermilion, maroon, amaranth?) but that little shield on the chest should point you to the right direction. What makes things a bit more complicated here is that the lineup doesn’t include many players who reached international fame – but if you look with attention and have a good historical memory, you may spot a World Champion somewhere…

Which is the mysterious Serie A team from this week and in which season was this picture taken?

Let us know in the comments!

The solution will be published tomorrow here, as well as on our Facebook and Twitter pages!