Serie A Saturday Quiz: Have You Ever Seen This Diagonal Band Jersey?

Football jerseys with a diagonal band are not very common in Italy, at least as a 1st or 2nd kit choice. Once in a while, however, some club may come up with a pretty creative design. The example that we chose today for our Saturday Morning Quiz comes straight from the 1960s and served as home kit for one of the most famous Serie A teams.

Such unusual jersey design did bring some luck to the club, who finished third in the Serie A table in an age when they were not exactly one of the most winning sides in Italian football.

Perhaps such an exploit was also due to the fact that they had just bought some two prominent international strikers – one from Argentina and one from Brazil? Well, one thing is for sure: In this very season when they wore the diagonal band jersey, this club also managed to win their first international trophy.

Quite a season to remember, isn’t it?

So what season are we talking about? And which club?

Let us know in the comments!

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