Serie A Saturday Quiz: Stripes Are a Good Hint…or Maybe Not?

Good morning, calcio fans, and welcome to our Saturday morning quiz! What’s better than a nice trip down the Serie A memory lane to get into the right mood for the upcoming calcio weekend?

Today, we propose you to guess a pretty recognizable lineup. Stripes don’t lie and nor do colors. There is only one Italian club wearing the iconic red and black striped jersey.

…Or maybe not?

Think well. Serie A has a long history and many different clubs have reached its shores over time. So, is this really the team that it looks or not???

As you solve the enigma, we also invite you to guess in which season was this picture taken. Spotting an 18-year-old defender who would go on to become a Serie A legend may help here. The captain and the goalkeeper, on the other hand, were living the last days of some equally legendary journeys in the top-flight.

At the end of this Serie A season, this side would achieve a remarkable goal – one that would change the appearance of their jerseys forever….Oops, we said too much. Now it’s really easy.

Which is the mysterious Serie A team from this week? Let us know in the comments!

The solution will be published tomorrow here, as well as on our Facebook and Twitter pages!