Serie A Teams Potential Opponents in Champions League and Earnings

As usual, Juventus, Lazio and Atalanta will have a slightly reduced pool of opponents in Monday’s Champions League draw (12 pm CET) as teams from the same country can not face each other in the Round of 16 and the same restricion applies to sides that were already paired up together in the first stage.

The potential adversaries for the Old Lady, the only Italian club to finish first, are Atletico Madrid, Borussia Moenchengladbach, Porto, Sevilla and RB Leipzig. The Biancocelesti will be forced to square off against either Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea or PSG. The Orobici can not meet the Reds again, but have Borussia Dortmund instead in their list of options. Both sides have a fifty-fifty chance of being coupled with Real Madrid since three Spanish clubs concluded in second place in their respective groups.

As reported by Calcio e Finanza, the earnings coming from the market pool, which are determined at the end of the competition and depend on how far each side goes, are lower than in previous years because UEFA’s balance sheets have been affected by the pandemic. Nonetheless, the teams that qualified have already secured a significant chunk of change thanks to the standard bonuses: Juventus have taken home the bigger slice of the pie (€67.4M) because they benefit from a higher historical/ten-year ranking and won the most games so far. Lazio will receive at least €45.2M, Atalanta €39.5. Each outfit gets €14.5M for participating and a €9.5M for advancing past the initial stage, while the rest is determined by the results and previous success in the competition.