Napoli Newcomer Talks Transfer Choice and Maradona Aura

Multiple teams eyed Giovanni Simeone during the summer, but he was determined to join Napoli, and his wish eventually came true. El Cholito explained his reasoning behind the move to La Nacion.

“I just felt I had to come here, besides the grandeur of Diego Armando Maradona and how competitive this club is. Something inside of me told me that this is where I belong. I can’t find a better way to explain it. You know my history, and I always listen to my internal voices. Destiny told me I had to join the Azzurri.”

“At some point, the negotiation was stalling, but I never changed my mind. I had only one desire. I’ve never been as comfortable as I am now anywhere else. Neapolitans are a mix between Italians and Argentines, like me. It’s very motivating to be in a side that aims to the top. Playing every three days is fantastic and a rush of adrenaline. There’s nothing better.”

Simeone said the aura of El Pipe de Oro is very palpable in the city.

“It’s wonderful, as everybody talks about Diego here. They recount him fondly, as if it happened yesterday. He’s not here physically, but it’s like he is. The fans tell his stories every day. The people still struggle because of the difference between the North and the South of Italy, and he saved them from oblivion. He’s pure joy for them, and it goes beyond football. Maradona gave them visibility and sense of belonging. They are so passionate for the sport, and having had him is a big reason for pride. Argentina is part of the fabric for this city.”

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