Inzaghi: “The Guys Were Great, Inter Can Be Back to a UCL Final”

The Inter coach Simone Inzaghi was full of praise for his boys in the aftermath of their 0-1 loss to Manchester City in the Champions League Final. He had all the right to do so as, despite having all odds against them, the Nerazzurri put the English powerhouse to the ropes before succumbing to a lone goal from Rodri.

The guys were great,” the Nerazzurri coach said in a post-match interview with the Italian TV. “I know this is a difficult moment as we wanted this cup at all cost, but the players must be proud. Yesterday during the presser I said that I wouldn’t change these players with anyone, and today the whole world saw why. We conceded very few chances, I can only think about one save made by Onana from Foden. Our supporters were great and helped us come this far.”

Inzaghi added: “We must be proud of what we achieved, this is our fifth final in 20 months. We didn’t concede much today, but when it comes to our play and movements we could have done better in the first half. After the restart, we created many scoring chances but we missed the final step. If you look at the last 20 minutes, from Gosens to Lukaku, you just wonder why the ball didn’t get into the net. It hurts to see that action where we hit the crossbar. I wish we could play the extra times, our team deserved that.
His final thoughts were a look at the future and a praise for the Champions League winners: “We have all it takes to come back to play a Champions League Final. Kudos to Manchester City, they deserved to win this cup in view of the growth path they’ve been on in the past few years.”