Spalletti “Having Fun” but Aware Things Can Change Quickly for Napoli

Napoli will face Spartak Moscow in Europa League tomorrow. Coach Luciano Spalletti addressed the match: “Due to the five subs, games are longer now; therefore, you have to be up by three goals to be safe. Looking at our last bouts, that is something we can improve.”

“Young coaches are using a European style of football now, pressing high and starting the build-up with the goalie. That can allow you to score more. However, the main principle is always to have three or four offensive players on the pitch in the last 20 minutes that can make a play out of the blue.”

Spalletti dished on Hirving Lozano: “He is a great kid, and we have few of those. He is very comfortable here. The injury with the national team caused a delay in the process of getting him into shape. He is very motivated and smiley now. Naples is the right type of city for him and Victor Osimhen.”

“The players coming back from injury are fine. They have had some personalized training sessions to be thorough. Everybody is ready for tomorrow but Stanislav Lobotka. We will rotate three or four guys. I am sorry we had to leave out Faouzi Ghoulam from the list, but those are the rules. He is a true team player, and we did not sign another left-back because we trust him.”

Spalletti concluded: “We are having fun because we are winning. I am a farmer, and for us, dreaming is never prudent. We look at the harvest, and we know the season can change in a hurry. We have to focus on what we can reap tomorrow, not in the future. Napoli must be confident but not presumptuous. The squad has defended very well collectively thus far, and we have conceded little.”