Spalletti Reacts to Frattesi: “Act Like Professionals, Not Spoiled Children”

While Luciano Spalletti was roused by Davide Frattesi’s match-winning brace against Ukraine, he wasn’t the least bit impressed by the new Inter midfielder’s comments after the game. Gianluigi Donnarumma was booed for large periods by the San Siro crowd, reacting to which Frattesi backed the former Rossoneri.

“I can’t understand something like this. It has never happened to a national team. It’s shameful. When I heard them, I hugged him and told him that I love him,” said Frattesi.

Spalletti, despite being pleased with Frattesi for his performance, urged the ex-Sassuolo midfielder to behave professionally by avoiding such comments and received the booing as part and parcel of a larger problem than just Donnarumma.

“Seeing a boy who is given this talent and sometimes makes improper use of it is something to pay attention to. We are privileged, if they whistle it’s because we didn’t deserve the applause. Someone with personality never reacts: sometimes you can react with attitudes, other times with words. Other times you keep quiet and go to work even better. And I don’t like those who then react on social media with little phrases. We have a duty to behave like professionals, not like spoiled children. Keep quiet.” (via Calciomercato)

Frattesi’s two goals gifted Spalletti his first win as Azzurri manager following the away draw against North Macedonia, as he remains unbeaten after two games so far.

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